THE GULAI HOUSEThe Gulai House in the Datai in Langkawi

at The Datai


Tel:    +60 4 9500 500


Operating Hours:
From 6.30pm - 11.00pm
Kitchen closes at 10.00pm

Unless you dined at The Gulai House, you did not really experience Langkawi! Situated in the heart of the rainforest, the atmosphere is simply breathtaking! 

The Malay-style building with a thatched-roof and the rustic feel of a traditional Kampung house has an open concept, with lush green foliage reaching into the windows, and sounds of wild birds and frogs providing spectacular background music. The spacious restaurant is divided into various sections, providing open dining area as well as secluded nobat that offers privacy for families. For a truly romantic experience, choose the traditional bersila seating in candle-lit alcoves shielded by airy organza drapes, with low tables and comfortable cushions placed on hand-woven pandan mats.

Celebrating indigenous local customs, you will be welcomed with a hand-written place card on a leaf from a timber tree, and the attentive waiting staff, dressed in traditional costumes, will hold out a ceramic bowl with pure water for you to wash your hands. Serving a unique blend of authentic Malay and Indian dishes from spicy starters and fragrant soups, through scrumptious wok stir fries, traditional curries, and tandoori baked dishes to locally-inspired desserts, the cuisine is poetry for all of your senses! Begin your evening with the Gulai House sampler platter that includes grilled fish and prawns wrapped in banana leaves, chicken & beef satays prepared on charcoal grill, and pakoras with cucumber raita and tamarind chutney. After indulging in a crab - lemon grass soup, choose grilled garoupa in banana leaf, with fresh coconut and Langkawi spices, fried lobster with spicy curry gravy or beef rending with blue ginger, lemon grass and grated coconut. Dals with black and yellow lentils or home-made deep fried Indian cheese with saffron sauce are an excellent choice if you are a vegetarian. The perfect finale? Pandan crepe with sweet coconut filling and vanilla ice cream, or black rice porridge with coconut milk. Whether you are hoping to spend a truly memorable evening while in Langkawi, or looking for a venue for your wedding, the iconic Gulai House is the most beautiful place you can possibly find!

Seating Capacity:
100 guests

Price Range:
Entree                 42 - 95 RM
Soup                   40 - 42 RM
Main Meal           35 - 98 RM
Dessert               20 - 28 RM