Restaurant Papadam Ria LangkawiRESTAURANT PAPADAM RIA


Tel:       +6 (0) 4  955 7775
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Operating Hours: 11.30am - 11.00pm

One of the most innovative Restaurants on the island, Papadam Ria recently revised its entire concept. Adding a terrace shielded by tropical plants, guests can enjoy from the beginning of June an outdoor BBQ, and look forward to sports games and regular cinema nights with English, Malaysian and Arabic movies projected on a large outdoor screen and two flat-screen TVs.

Those in a hurry can grab from July on delicious snacks from the Sandwich Corner while home deliveries will be available across the entire island against a surcharge of 10 RM only. Beginning from Christmas, Papadam Ria will welcome guests around the clock, offering 24 hours dining experience!

With the state-of-the-art kitchen being ruled by six international Chefs, the restaurant serves North and South Indian cuisine, Arabic dishes, Mediterranean fare, Japanese delicacies and Western food, with the extensive menu featuring in total 560 dishes! Priding themselves in a prompt and efficient service, all freshly prepared meals are served within 15 minutes!

The interior has a fairy-tale feel of exotic India, with walls painted in sand, green and dark red. From a ceiling, draped in a canopy of colorful fabrics, dangles a myriad of traditional handmade Indian lamps in intriguing designs. Dispersing a dim light, they create an intimate exotic atmosphere - a truly dreamlike setting for a wonderful culinary experience.

Seating Capacity:
Indoor Dining:  60 guests
Al Fresco:        40 guests

Price Range:
Entree                 4 - 12 RM
Main Course     22 - 28 RM
Dessert               6 - 12 RM