Element Mall LangkawiELEMENT MALL

Next to Alun-Alun Spa

Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm

Tel: +6 04 9533833
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Email: {emailcloak=off}sales@thelement.com.my 
Website:  www.spashopasia.com 

By Kamila Delart

Set up by the owner of the famous Alun-Alun Spa, the travelers' favorite for more than 10 years now, the entrepreneur's new venture is yet another gem - sure to become one of the most popular stores among customers with discerning taste!

Well traveled, Jenny Ong has a keen sense for trends and a perfect understanding of what will make the hearts of foreign travelers leap with joy - introducing with her Element Mall a LIFESTYLE STORE that lures with a sensory shopping experience and an exclusive collection of truly unique products!

Spread over xxx square meters and divided into four distinct retail areas, the spacious store enchants with a sophisticated interior: Crystal chandeliers and exquisite lanterns made of white silk illuminate shelves and antique teak wood tables that serve as displays. The walls are adorned with unusual batik paintings, and the hand-crafted Buddha sculptures and delicate orchid blossoms invite to linger around and take in the sensory atmosphere.

But the visual impression is only part of the experience! Filling the shelves of the skincare section, the floral waters, exquisite body lotions and rich creams just wait for you to take in their divine scent, tempting you to feel their velvety texture on your skin. Incorporating virgin coconut oil, potent herbs and tropical plants, Jenny's organic skincare draws upon the holistic healing tradition of Malaysia, aiming to restore the natural beauty of your skin and hair while completely omitting preservatives, mineral oil, lanolin and other controversial ingredients. Soon to be available for purchase in Switzerland, the organic skincare line can be re-ordered online. So if you fall in love with these wonderful products, you don't have to wait until your next holiday to stock-up on your favorites!

If you acquired a taste for sampling, continue in the culinary section. With no added sugar or artificial enhancers, the Rosella Tea is simply delicious, and the slices of dry guava, papaya and mango have such an intense flavor, they put you right back in the tropical holiday mood when enjoyed back home.

Popular is also the aromatic coffee from Malacca and if you are intrigued by sacred local remedies, purchase the slimming Teak Leaf Tea, give a try to Kacip Fatimah, a beauty and health elixir for women, or purchase Tongat Ali, one of the world's most potent aphrodisiacs and a 'secret love weapon' of local men.

An admirer of Malaysian batik, Jenny was looking for ways to promote the traditional art in a contemporary context. And so you will find in her store exquisite hand-painted scarves and made-to-order handbags with rare ornamental block print typical for the Kelantan region.

Beautiful batik patterns adorn also the covers of notebooks, photo albums and picture frames. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, their range is so extensive, the Element Mall boasts a dedicated stationary section.

Looking for a truly unique gift? Don't miss the wallets, small purses and cosmetic bags made of dried teak leafs. Tinted with natural colors that bring out the fine leaf patterns, each of the accessories is as original as a fingerprint.

And if you have a weak spot for fine jewelry - brace yourself! Whether plated with white or yellow gold, each of the hand-made filigree pieces adorned with precious gems is a true unicum! So walking out empty-handed is barely an option. Just come and see for yourself!