By Kamila Delart


A huge fan of adventure trips, I get easily excited when learning about a new opportunity to explore our island. And so when I hear about ‘The Fisherman’s Trail’ recently launched by
NADI ECO ADVENTURE, I cannot book fast enough!    (Many more pictures !)


By Kamila Delart


Having emerged from the sea in the Cambrian Era550-490 million years ago,prior to any other part of the Malay Archipelago, GunungMachinchangis one of the most unique places on the island. Living in Langkawi for nearly three years now, of course I enjoyed a couple of times the wonderful ride with a cable car, mesmerized by the breathtaking panoramic view from the peak. But somehow, I always felt I only got to ‘scratch the surface’, unable to feel the primordial energy of the rocks, to hear the echo of times gone by…A feeling I hoped to cast off when signing up for a guided tour through the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, recently launched by a Langkawi-based discovery company, NADI ECO ADVENTURE.  - many more pictures ! -


By Kamila Delart 

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The longer I live on the island, the more curious I get about the nature around. There is the obvious beauty: the lush jungle, tropical plants, colorful birds… And there are the famous places of interest. But once you scratch the surface, you want to go deeper. Explore places off the tourist tracks, understand the mystery of the mangroves, learn about the fascinating cycle of death and rebirth of a cicada that spends his short life singing a love song…   

And so I book an adventure trip with JUNGLEWALLA TOURS. Founded by Irshad Mobarak, a passionate Naturalist who appeared in an array of documentaries on National Geographic and Discovery Channel, JungleWalla Tours will bring you to hidden places, barely touched by man. Also the team of guides is unique: There is a ‘Snake Man’, ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Medicine Man’, ‘Swamp & Mangrove Girl’… If they cannot answer my questions, who will?!  

Birding in Langkawi with JUngle WallaWIDE SPREAD WINGS

An advertorial by Kamila Delart

Since I arrived in Langkawi, my days begin with a beautiful ritual: Still a little sleepy, I sit on my back porch, sip delicious green tea with a few drops of local wild honey, and watch all these beautiful exotic birds twirling around. There are the tiny yellow fellows joyfully singing as they jump from branch to branch. The black one with his far too long wings that look as if they were borrowed from some grown-up brother.  And when I’m lucky, I spot this beautiful turquoise bird with orange belly crossing my river. What a wonderful way to greet the day!