21. Nov 2011/ Mark

No, no, no  -   the Langkawi Gazette is NOT FOR SALE

I am asked again and again if the LG was for sale. No it is not.

At some time in the past, many months ago, I thought about the future of the LG – how to expand it to the next level – and as I had nobody to help me, looked around, who could take it over.

Facts are: I found nobody who was willing to really invest the amount of time (or finance) to keep it up and expand it -  BUT I found two good helpers (Kamila Delart and Teviot Fairservis).

Further more I changed the main focus from being a ‘tell-all’ magazine, including stories of 'missing sink hole covers in Kuah' , to being mainly an updated, interesting and comprehensive TOURIST MAGAZINE, as tourism is the one thing that counts - and pays on Langkawi….

To help this we have added a few new and attractive sections:

The SPA Guide- with 30 SPAs in, all personally visited, experienced and reviewed
    by Kamila
The Trendy Restaurants Guide - 10 Restaurants are already in, ca. 50% of the number
The Adventure Guide -  just started  -  all three by Kamila, and
Langkawi Life - a monthly column by Teviot.

And for those interested in the development of Langkawi, there is a new section, called: LKWI Development.

The Langkawi Gazette exists now since May 2008 and seems now to have found it's form and purpose.

From the viewpoint of the TOURIST the Langkawi Gazette is at the moment more interesting than ever and the monthly visits just hit the 9000 mark already .

As you can see - there were 23,412 pages opened in this month. If you have a BANNER, linking to your site, it would have been on nearly all of these pages, giving you an exposure of far beyond 20.000 times this month alone to mostly Langkawi Tourists . . .

Further developments

As rumors have it – there is a plan for a new monthly tourism print media for Langkawi in the air – which will be realized in cooperation with the Langkawi Gazette. The LG will be a partner and prominently featured in this new print media and – on the other side – put the whole print media in the LG on the internet, so that advertisers can put a direct link to their website on their ads….

This will make it easier for the tourists to chose their experiences and will further enhance the penetration of the tourism section by the Langkawi Gazette.