An other Box Jellyfish case on Langkawi - but this time not deadly

Part of the Langkawi Pop-Up MapMark: 23 June 2010/ unnamed sources

The Survivors: after being hit by Dengue fever, now stung by Jellyfish

A Swedish production team producing an episode of  the “Survivor” TV-Series has now been on Langkawi for some time. Everybody said: ”Pschscht – it’s a secret.” Nothing was put in the Newspapers or on the Internet about it – just a lonely blogger wrote: "We are staying at “De Baron Langkawi” and the Survivor Shooting Crew is staying at the same hotel as well...”.

(Click on the picture - and then click on No 4 to see the Jellyfish Beach)

Difficult to keep it secret – when you have a production team of 200 people….

The team which was first not scheduled to shoot here, fled to Langkawi from Pulau Besar (Johor) because there ‘half of the crew’ had been down with Dengue fever …..
Now they ‘hit the panic button’ because they ran into some box jellyfishes and one of the team was stung. But he survived.

The location where this happened  is  known by local yachties as the Christmas Bay. The survivor team calls it the ‘Frida Beach”. Perhaps the Jellyfish heard that and stung in protest. I wonder what else these ‘Survivors’ are going to make out of Langkawi …

Dr. Lisa-Ann Gershwin (the world's premier jellyfish taxonomist who identifies these things regularly)  saw images of the attacker and is convinced it is a 'Irukandji', but is unsure without seeing the specimen first as to what type of 'Irukandji' it is. 'Irukandji' can kill, but usually causes ‘only’ the most intense, excruciating pain and victims often require life-support.

In this instance the pain was intense but a few days later it manifested as muscle aches and skin crawling.

Marine scientists from CMACS  will be visiting the area tomorrow.

The Survivor production team will leave Langkawi on the 7th of July.

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