Korean Accupuncture on LangkawiHEALING WITH KOREAN ACUPUNCTURE

By Kamila Delart


While Spas are usually associated with pampering services, LGK ASHI SPA & MASSAGE goes far beyond the relaxation aspect, providing apart from body scrubs, massages and anti-aging facials also a true healing experience!

Noticing that I am not feeling very well, a friend of mine suggested that I book an appointment with Mr. Lee Shim Sin Taik, a Korean Acupuncture Master, who is regarded by many on the island their family doctor. Having grown up relying on western medicine, I am slightly skeptical when entering the treatment room. But once I see shelves with hundreds of small boxes with sterilized acupuncture needles, each of them carrying a name of a regular patient, I open up for the possibility that the ancient Korean technique may help.

Enjoying a footbath and sipping a ginger-honey tea, I watch Mr. Lee Shim Sin Taik feel my pulse and thoroughly examine my palms. Not able to detect any irregularities myself, I am rather curious about his verdict. And beyond surprised when he comes up with a diagnosis that could not have been more accurate, with him listing pretty much all of the symptoms I have been experiencing lately!

Disinfecting my hand, Mr. Lee Shim Sin Taik carefully inserts about forty short acupuncture needles into my left palm and in the tips of my fingers, briefly explaining why he has chosen each of the points. The needles remain in my palm for about an hour. But rather than just waiting, I receive a foot reflexology massage meant to support the healing process. Based on a similar principle as acupuncture, the points I perceive during the reflexology treatment as especially painful perfectly correspond with the earlier identified ailments.  

Upon leaving, I am advised to take a herbal remedy, and come back for follow-up session tomorrow and the day after. Immediately after my first visit, I notice that there is something happening within my body. Although it is quite early when I return home, instead of working as originally planned, I head straight to bed, instantly falling asleep. Waking up following morning unusually rested and rejuvenated. And after two more visits, most of my symptoms were ‘miraculously’ gone!

Korean Hand acupuncture is a medical system based on the principle that our hands mirror the entire body.

Accordingly to the theory there are 345 acupuncture points linked to specific organs and glands. By stimulating the points with an acupuncture needle, the practitioner directly influences the function of internal organs and systems of the body, effectively treating a variety of medical conditions. The needles utilized in Korean Acupuncture are much shorter than those used in Chinese Acupuncture, minimizing any discomfort.

The number of required sessions depends on the nature of the ailment to be treated. If suffering under a serious condition, plan ahead and book treatment series at the beginning of your holidays!

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