F E A T U R E   S T O R I E S (advertorials)

by Kamila Delart

Nawa Sari Spa LangkawiTHE RHYTHM OF NATURE

By Kamila Delart

Crossing a small bridge leading to the Laman Padi compound, and following on my way to the Nawa Sari Spa, an idyllic path surrounded by rice fields, the holiday bustle of Pantai Cenang becomes a distant memory. The Spa owner, Suriati Mohammed Dahalan, meets me at the Laman Herba, a garden adjacent to her Spa, explaining that many of the herbs, spices and flowers I see around are utilized in her signature treatment blends. Admiring the fleshy leaves of aloe vera, inhaling the sweet scent of ylang-ylang blossom and the spicy fragrance of a tropical oregano, I cannot wait to experience the beautifying qualities of the tropical plants first-hand.

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Alun-Alun Spa LangkawiENCHANTED

By Kamila Delart

Just like in a fairytale… You step over the threshold of the Alun-Alun Spa, the lively uproar and colorful holiday lights of Pantai Cenang instantly vanish, and you find yourself surrounded by magic…

Having a weakness for interior design, I cannot help but halt every few steps, enchanted by all the beautiful details: antique doors with filigree carvings, mythical statues, delicate seashell lamps quietly moving in the breeze, moss-grown stone frogs proudly guarding the intricate water paths... A tranquil sanctuary that will entice all of your senses…

Sipping a Ginseng-Root tea, the legendary Asian elixir of longevity, my body cools slowly down. My therapist, Zura, presents me with the choice of four different Aromatherapy blends, encouraging me to inhale their fragrances, and select the one I feel intuitively drawn to. My choice of Jasmine seem to reveal far more than just my preference of scent, as Zura sympathetically nods, telling me that she could sense my low energy, promising that the Jasmine oil will help alleviate my exhaustion. Not having properly slept for the last few days, I’m impressed by her accurate ‘diagnosis’.

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An advertorial by Kamila Delart

Following the fast-paced Western rhythm, our sight is directed at the horizons. We crave freedom, want to spread our wings, explore, conquer … But as we shift our focus outwards, and detach from our core, we cut ourselves off a powerful source of wisdom and inner peace.

The Eastern philosophies always understood that in order to experience true happiness, we need to be anchored in our lives, consciously seeking moments of stillness so we can enter into an inner dialogue with ourselves. But raised in a different culture, it is not easy to enter the realm of this meaningful silence. Unless you visit the Furusato Spa

As it is custom I take off my shoes prior to entering the Spa. And with Furusato meaning ORIGINS, feeling my bear feet touch the ground seems to have something sacred to it.

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