Complete Langkawi Spa Guide featuring the 40 most noteworthy Spas on the island - with every single review based on a first-hand experience of the Spa Consultant, Kamila Delart.

Curious about the Spa Expert’s TOP TEN?! Look out for the ‘Shining Star’ symbol in each of the distinctive categories.


W E L L N E S S   D E S T I N A T I O N   L A N G K A W I

Although known mainly for breathtaking nature, Langkawi turned over the last decade into a true wellness destination, presenting you with the unique opportunity to experience during your holidays the indigenous healing tradition of the region. A crossroad of ancient maritime trade routes, the island embraces spa rituals reflecting the distinctive blend of Malaysia’s diverse cultures: healing and beauty practices of Orang Asli - the aboriginal Malay rainforest tribes, Ayurvedic treatments native to India, and traditional Chinese medicine. Following the international wellness trends, the local spas increasingly provide also popular treatments from all over the world.

Genuinely caring therapists, a dreamlike spa setting within a primordial rainforest or with a breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea, rich massage oils and exotic body wrap blends made of freshly harvested fruits, flowers, herbs and spices …  Langkawi Spa Experience is truly unique!

You can find tiny, half hidden massage places with heartfelt personal welcome, and décor so simple that no detail distracts from the actual treatment. And there are five star establishments with extensive hydrotherapy facilities from Jacuzzi to sauna and steam bath, providing a truly indulgent experience appealing to all of your senses. (One does not  have to be a hotel guest to treat oneself to a relaxing resort spa afternoon!)

Considering the wide variety of options, choosing the ‘right’ spa establishment, and selecting among the many treatments offered may prove slightly challenging. To help you tailor your spa experience to suit your individual needs, the international Spa Expert, Kamila Delart, visited on behalf of Langkawi Gazette all noteworthy Spas on the island, reviewed their facilities, service and treatments, and put together a detailed LANGKAWI SPA GUIDE.


Find all reviewed Spa & Wellness establishments divided into distinctive categories - from authentic local massage places, through practices dedicated to healing, to luxurious wellness oases. A detailed description of each spa, including information regarding location, operating hours, prices, treatment offerings and highlights, along with an illustrative image will help you select a spa accordingly to your preferences.  

Learn more about the various massage techniques, body treatments and other spa services available. Gain insight about their origins, unique benefits and potential contraindications, so that you can choose the spa experience that truly parallels your needs.


Get inspired by atmospheric narratives capturing the Wellness Writer’s most memorable spa experiences.


Get to know about the latest treatments and new spa packages the moment they are launched.


Kamila DelartFascinated by aboriginal healing practices, and passionate about touching people’s lives, Kamila spent years traveling the world to learn ancient holistic techniques  directly at the source of their origin: Abhynga massage from Ayurvedic masters in India, Nuad from Buddhist monks in Thailand’s monasteries, Lomi-Lomi Nui from shamans on the volcanic islands of Hawaii, or the Hot Rock massage from Native American elders…

To gain a full understanding of the Spa Industry, she acquired certification in Aromatherapy, Color-therapy and Cosmetology, and received a honours diploma upon completing her studies of Spa Management in Toronto /Canada.

She established one of the leading urban Day Spas in Munich / Germany, as well as a prestigious German Wellness Academy providing education to Spa Therapists.

Joining leading international spa chains such as Six Senses or Hyatt Pure, she managed as a Spa & Wellness Director a number of award winning spas, prior to choosing a career of a Spa Consultant and Wellness Writer.

Having fallen in love with the magical island of Langkawi, she recently made it her home. She lives in an idyllic river chalet surrounded by a dreamlike tropical garden, and divides her time between her passion for Spa, writing, and gardening.