Pulau Payar - Langkawi Gazette (pic, 30 August 2009

The 'Eco Dive Resort' is being built

If you have heard of the rumor about a resort being built in Langkawi's Marine Park - in Pulau Payar -  it is true. As Raymond Foo, one of the owners of 'D'Coconut Resort', confirmed us: "The project of building the 'Pulau Payar Eco Dive Resort' had been proposed about 5 years ago but was put in pending until recently, because the Kedah state government could not find the right person to carry it out - until D'Coconut Resort decided to take over and now ...

the preparations for this project have already started two months ago." The resort is approved by the YB. Encik Mohammad Radzhi Bin Salleh, the Exco Tourism of Kedah state. The 15-room resort is estimated to be completed and opened to the public in mid November or early December this year.


Langkawi Gazette - Fishes in Pulau PayarPulau Payar

- an island at the northern part of the Straits of Malacca, near Kuala Kedah and 30 km south of Pulau Langkawi - was declared a marine park in 1985. The park consists of four islands - Pulau Payar, Pulau Lembu, Pulau Segantang and Pulau Kaca. Studies by WWF have shown that the location is habitat of 36 genera of hard coral, 92 marine invertebrates and 45 genera of fish species.

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To see pictures of the "Half-Golf-Ball-Houses" already there, go here


The history of Resorts on Pulau Payar

In the 1990's, a 13 million Ringgit project of building 12 semi-golf-ball-shaped units was initiated by the former Kedah's head of government, Syed Razak bin Syed Zain Barakhbah. However, the operation did not came to fruits: The resort was closed down before it ever opened - due to strong opposition from other parties that were concerned about the environmental damage.


The Experiences with Pulau Sipadan (BorneoPulau Sidapan - Lanmgkawi Gazette (pic

"In year 2004, the Government of Malaysia ordered all on-site dive and resort operators of Sipadan to move their structures out of the island by 31 December 2004. This move is mainly to conserve a balanced ecosystem for Sipadan and its surrounding.

Diving will continue to be allowed in Sipadan for divers who are ferried in and out by dive and resort operators from the mainland and surrounding islands. However, tourists and keen divers should be warned that the number of permits available for Sipadan each day is limited to 120 ...." (Wiki)

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The concern of the NaturistsBarracuda Pulau Sipadan - Langkawi Gazette (pic

In order not to damage the ecosystem and biodiversity of the place, an effective waist management is crucial. In this regard, the question is: what is considered to be waist (definition), is it handled effectively (or brought out), and what kind of control takes place.

The monitoring of the situation by scientists can only show damage, when it is already - or nearly already - too late. Therefore, the above is of the highest importance for the conservation of the place and the steady arrival of happy future tourists.


A history of the marine park establishments in Malaysia, up to 2007, you find here