Diving with Crystal Yachts in Koh LipeTHE TALE OF A MERMAID


By Kamila Delart

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I love the sea. The sound of waves breaking against primordial rocks, the emerald green water shimmering in the sun, the salty taste in my mouth… The ocean seems to exert such a pull on me; I sometimes wonder whether in another life, I used to be a mermaid. Living on the bottom of the sea, spending my days playing with colorful fish, taking care of my coral garden... To indulge in my sea- fairy fantasy, I got myself a diving license a few years back. But due to heavy sedimentation, the coral reefs around Langkawi have little appeal.

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Pulau Payar
Diving & Snorkeling at
Pulau Payar Marine Park

If you go to the Trip Advisor, you will see, that there are quite a few visiotors who say, that Pulau Payar was the 'Iceing on the Cake of their Langkawi visit' - but a few say, that they were disappointed.

How can this be?

The explanation might be that there are different companies offering different packages with different activities and places for snorkeling or diving.
And beside that, it will make a different if the weather is nice and sunny (like mostly - or grey and rainy, in which case you might not have an ideal schelter.

Pulau Payar Marine Park from the Government Website :

Pulau Payar (Payar Island) Marine Park consists of four islands, Pulau Payar, Pulau Lembu,  Pulau Kaca and Pulau Segantang. Pulau Payar Marine Park is located about 19 nm south of Pulau Langkawi, 32 nm north of Penang and 15 nm west of Kuala Kedah.    






Snorkeling around LangkawiDiving & Snorkeling around Langkawi

You will be told, that the waters around Langkawi are not clear enough for snorkeling or diving - and that this is so - at least partly - because of the natural sediments contained in the rivers flowing into the sea.

Therefore everybody is told to go to Pulau Payar for diving and snorkeling, where the water is clear. Organised tours will take you there. (See: Diving and Snorkeling at Pulau Payar).

BUT - there are some spots around Langkawi, on the beaches of nearby islands of the Langkawi Archipelago, where the water IS clear enough.