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Manogharan Plumber

Manogharan Plumber Sdn. Bhd.
Co. 390098-X

56, 2nd Floor
Jalan Pandak Mayah 5
07000 Langkawi

Tel: 04 966 8835
Fax: 04 966 8791


Water Supply & Sanitary Installation, Building & Road Construction, General Contractor

Teh Lai Hock

HP: 012 452 7891

Building Contractors,Contractors,
Tropical Style Enterprise

Updated: 3 August 2009

Tropical Style Enterprise

Lim Yap Kiang

better known as "BOY"

HP:    019 449 9606

Tel: +6 04 966 1800

Fax: +6 04 966 8606


He is one of the most well known and popular building contractors on the island and is experienced with dealing with the requirements of the expat

community. He speaks fluent English so "misunderstandings" are eliminated - very important should you not speak Malay or Chinese ! He is also a nice guy. Certainly not the cheapest- but probably the best! (from our Forum).

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