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Kelab Amal Wanita Langkawi - The Ladies Charity Club

Kelab Amal Wanital Langkawi
144496 (NGO)

Khorishida Begum
HP: 012 412 0016

This group (formerly known as 'Kelab Puteri Langkawi'), is under the guiding hand of Khorshida Begum. It has been in 'action' since 1991 and each year sets out to raise money for a specific cause.

The Charity Club Langkawi, Kedah

NGO 1556-10-KDH

016 458 9234
016 687 6600   or
Hani (Malay speaking)     
016 458 9606

The Charity Club Langkawi The Charity Club Langkawi

Bringing charity straight to the home

The Langkawi Chairity Group is a newly registered Charity Organisation on Langkawi.

It comprises a small group of people living on the island who are committed to improving the day to day lives of underprivileged families on Langkawi. We make regular visits to villages distributing food, donated clothing, linen and toys. We work closely with the Welfare Department and assist families to apply for any benefits they may be entitled to.

We buy medicines, arrange and fund doctor and hospital appointments, treatment and transport patients. We have a schoolchild sponsorship programme and an adopt a family scheme. We construct/repair houses as many on the island are still without sanitation or water, have boarded up windows and are not waterproof.

How YOU can help – donate any unwanted goods.
Donate a bag of rice. Offer a little bit of your time every month as  one of our loyal volunteers, sponsor a child or adopt a family. Tell us about any needy people you may hear of.

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