Barbosa Langkawi


Tel: +6 012 4469079

Operating Hours
Daily 3pm -1.00am

Looking for a great place to chill? If so, head straight to Barbosa!! Located on the upper floor of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, the place has an amazing view and a great atmosphere.

Painted in bright cheerful orange, vibrating with the contagious rhythm of Cuban music and boasting foosball and pool tables, the entertainment bar is sure to put you in a good mood the minute you walk in!

Craving some indulgence? Sprawl out on the large cozy sofa, order a double Jack Daniel’s on the rocks or a chilled Havana Club rum and watch the colorful fisherman boats and luxury yachts come in and out of the harbor as you slooowly draw on a hand-rolled cigar, relishing the exquisite taste of a ‘Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill’ or the famous ‘Montecristo Tubos’. The bar carries a great selection of Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars otherwise available only in the luxury resorts so if you are a cigar lover you may want to purchase a few to take back home.

Lusting for a savory bite? How about a home-made spring roll, stir-fried chili anchovies or a hearty chili sausage? Or better yet - have a look at the menu and choose one of the mains! If you would like to sample some local halal specialties, order nasi goreng, Cantonese fried kwetiau, or chicken rendang - a caramelized chicken curry traditionally prepared on festive occasions by Sumatran Minangkabau tribes.

In the mood for some western favorites? The creamy soup of fresh forest mushrooms, spaghetti aglio E Olio with fresh chilies, toasted garlic and prawns and the chicken chop with herbs and black pepper sauce are simply delicious. But what you really shouldn’t miss are Hugo’s pizzas!!! With dough made from scratch, a home-made tomato concassé and golden baked crispy crust likely the best on the entire island!! The absolute favorite?! Topped with fresh mozzarella, spicy beef salami and fresh chillies, the Diavola Pizza has a major addiction potential!

No plans to dine out today? Head to BARBOSA’s anyway! The bar enjoys around 7pm the most amazing sunset view! Order a mango juice or a chilled beer and watch the sky above the harbor explode in golden, orange and rich magenta hues. A breathtaking spectacle!

Seating Capacity: 40 guests

Planning a private function? Early reservations are highly recommended!

Price Range:

Snacks                            5-12 RM
Entree                         12 - 22 RM
Soup                                  15 RM
Malaysian Favorites          18 RM
Pasta                          10 - 26 RM
Pizza                           12 -26 RM
Western Mains           22 - 30 RM
Dessert                      12 - 20 RM