ANTEROAntero Chill-Out Langkawi

First floor above ‘ES-Darts’

Tel: 017 3425 077 

Operating Hours: 11pm - 4am, Mo & Tue closed

Wednesday + Sunday DJ R&B + Hip Hop
Thursday + Saturday Live Band
Friday Guest DJ EDM / Trance Music

Ladies Night
Wednesday until 2am
Unlimited Bacardi Breezer & house pouring

A nightlife enthusiast looking for the extraordinary?! If so, head to the newly opened Antero!

With a name that can be loosely translated as ‘the entire world’, the avant-garde nightclub is the perfect place to meet people from all around the globe and enjoy an immersive multi-sensory experience that blends contemporary visual art with music. Once the lights and projected images hit the bamboo art installation underneath the ceiling, the drums get the floor to vibrate and the entire space fills with groovy tunes, you embark on a psychedelic journey. And that even before you had one of Antero’s killer drinks!

With cult bands such a ‘Muzza’s Mayhem’ sharing the stage with emerging talent from all over the region, no night is as the previous one. Whether a surreal compilation of a DJ or the contagious energy of a live band, the music is incredibly diverse. What does remain constant is the amazing vibe of the place that makes you wanna dance till the crack of dawn!

And then, there are Antero’s extremely addictive cocktail blends!! Served in style at a bar made of two hundred years old merbau roots unearthed from the jungle grounds, the Fruity Mojito with strawberry, apple mango and passionfruit is to die for. And you should definitely try Antero Special! While featured on the menu along with the warning ‘may cause a temporary blindness’, I wouldn’t worry too much. Based on the number of repeat guest, people seem to have no trouble finding their way back

Capacity: 150 guest
Air-conditioned indoors and open-air terrace.

Reservations for private events minimum 2 weeks ahead.

Price Range:

Cocktails    19 - 22 RM
Shots         14 - 18 RM
Beer           10 - 19 RM
Spirits                16 RM
Wine                  20 RM