Siti Fatimah Restaurant         Tel: 04 955 2754         (TripAdvisor Jan '10: n/a)

 Location:   Mata Air                 Restaurant Report                      Directory Data

 Mathijs says:  Very good local food, wide variety, low cost.
 Ambience:  Romantic    Relaxing     Stylish     Elegant     Casual     Luxurious
 Décor:  None     Poor     Acceptable     Ok     Nice     Very nice
 Food Styles:  Malay  Chinese  Indian  Thai   Indonesian  Vietnamese  Asian  Fusion
 International  Italian  Spanish  French  German  English  American  Irish
 Western  Iranian  Japanese  Oriental  Mexican  Vegetarian  Other:
 Dress Code:  None     Casual     Smart-Casual     Formal
 Aver. Meal:  RM :  up to 20    20-50    50-80    80-120    more     (without Drinks)
 Friendliness:  None     Acceptable     Good     Very good     Excellent
 Waiting Time:  Very long   Long   Acceptable   Short   Very short   none (buffet)
 Cleanliness:  Poor    Ok     Good     Very-good     Would-eat-from-the-floor
 Alcohol:  None    Beer-only    Beer+Wine    Wine-only    Full-selection
 Pork:  No   Yes            Smoking:  Permitted   Not Permitted
 Specialty:  Kerabu (Fragrant salad with fried coconut), Ulam (Fragrant herbs and
 leaves,   typically eaten with sambal belacan) and Ikan Bakar (BBQ fish)
 Remarks:  For lunch, be there around noon, since then there is the most choice.
 Opening Hrs:  5pm - 11pm                        Closed: Wednesday