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Recently founded, Nadi Eco Adventure offers a variety of truly original nature activities: a jungle trek combined with a cable car ride, authentic fishing experience and jungle rides with REVO pocket bikes and quads that are built to handle even the most challenging terrain.

Designed to showcase unique locations, the majority of activities will bring you to places off the beaten track.

Passionate about the unique geology, flora and fauna of Langkawi, the guides are eager to share their knowledge. Capitalizing on extensive work experience in 5* resorts, they speak not only excellent English but are accustomed to providing a personalized experience reflective of your individual needs.

With health & safety being a priority, every trek begins with a short stretching session, your guide carries a first-aid kit and is connected via walkie-talkie with the base support at all times. Apart from the leisurely fishing trip, all adventures are offered in basic, advanced and extreme versions to accommodate varying levels of physical condition.


Basic Middle to Top Station                30-45 min       99 RM
Advanced Base to Middle Station      2,5 - 3 hours  180 RM
Extreme Base to Top Station             3,5 - 4 hours  210 RM

In price included: cable car ticket, express lane, water and isotonic drinks

The Fisherman’s Trail

4 hours 250 RM
In price included: water, delicious seafood BBQ


ATV Adventure Ride

Basic               15 min 50 RM
Intermediate    30 min 100 RM
Extreme           60 min 250 RM

REVO pocket bike ride

Mini (12-14 years old)    1 lap 10 RM
Medium (adult)               2 laps 30 RM
Scrambler (adult)         15 min 50 RM

Early bookings are recommended.

The basic Skytrail adventure as well as ATV and REVO rides can be booked spontaneously
at the Nadi Eco Adventure counter in Oriental Village next to the Cable Car cashier.

For detailed information, view company’s website.

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