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A pristine tropical paradise, Langkawi has more to offer than you can imagine!
Ancient rainforest where you can spot monkeys, reptiles, and flying lemurs, and learn about herbal remedies used for thousands of years by the aboriginal Orang Asli. Dense mangroves with an incredible variety of birds. Spectacular limestone formations and mysterious caves with stalactites and stalagmites…

Our adventure guide will help you explore the natural beauty of our island, recommending the most memorable activities from jungle trekking, and kayaking along the mangrove channels, to water skiing to tiny uninhabited islands, and romantic sunset cruises.

Have a wonderful holiday!


Bird's Eyes Perspective


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Looking for a truly unique way to experience our magical island? Langkawi Outpost offers a variety of helicopter trips, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Langkawi Archipelago from the bird’s eye perspective. 

All tours utilize the Robinson R44 helicopter - considered one of the safest worldwide.  Pilots are licensed and specifically trained to operate Robinson Helicopters. Safety procedures are strictly followed at all times.  



As an internal rule, we only promote licensed and certified businesses. Having experienced all featured adventures first-hand, we genuinely recommend all of the listed activities - certain that you will have the time of your life when participating. However, all liability regarding safety remains with the providers.