About the Langkawi Gazette

Established in 2008, Langkawi Gazette was originally set up as a community platform. Developing her own dynamics, the site turned over time into Langkawi’s leading online magazine. Featuring Resort, Adventure, Spa, Restaurant, Shopping and Marine Guides, it is the most complex source of information about our island - attracting depending on season 12.000 to 16.000 readers monthly (July 2014).

Whether you are a traveler planning a trip to Langkawi, or a local or expat eager to stay abreast of the island’s new developments & happenings - we do our best to keep Langkawi Gazette authentic, relevant and up-to-date while providing the island’s entrepreneurs with a platform to feature their businesses.

Building a bridge between Langkawians and travelers from all over the world - we hope our online magazine makes a difference! If you have any suggestions how to further develop our website so that it serves you even better - we would love to hear from you!

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Enjoy your holiday stay, and if a resident - take a moment to appreciate the mesmerizing beauty we are all surrounded by :-) .

Mark & Kamila


Mark - Langkawi GazetteMark

After having lived on a big old Sailing Yacht, a 52 ft Cat for 7 years, and the last 4 years on a beach of langkawi, I finally settled down on this island.

This was 2008.

So what to do – la? 

What project could I work on that would be beneficial for the whole Island?

Then, I remembered the time when I changed the engines on my boat and tried to find someone who was interested in buying the old ones. I had to go and find the notice boards at the Yacht Club, the Pier Restaurant and Telaga Harbour. I should have gone to Rebak Marina too, but I was too lazy. I said to myself: "Why is it that this Island doesn not have a single communication tool?". That was when the idea of this website was born. 


Kamila DelartEngaged to write a story about a meditation retreat at The Andaman back in 2010, I had to google Langkawi – completely unaware this tiny island even existed. So the possibility of settling down in here didn’t even cross my mind. But as they say ‘man plans and God laughs’ :-)

Before the weeklong assignment was over, I fell in love. With the slow pace of the island, the infinite sea sprinkled by tiny deserted islands, the virgin rainforests that teem with wildlife…. For a writer & budding filmmaker pretty much an ideal place. And so, only a few months later, I returned.

While I run a boutique brand communication agency that caters to luxury resorts across Asia, Langkawi is my home-base and so I felt I should contribute in some way to become part of the community. Not that it took long to figure out how to best go about it!

When searching the internet in preparation for my relocation, I couldn’t help but notice how little information was available. For a backpacker who loves surprises probably part of the appeal. But for most travelers who like to do a little planning prior to deciding on their next holiday destination a rather sobering realization.

And so, I decided to put together themed, well-structured travel guides with resort, spa, adventure, dining and shopping reviews - all written based on a firsthand experience. Which is where Langkawi Gazette as a publishing platform came in.

I still remember my first meeting with Mark. Straight forward, open-minded, easy. Which is pretty much how we work together until today. I teasingly call him ‘a caveman’ as he tends to ‘hide’ behind the computer, making sure our website runs smoothly, while I roam the island, being the visible part of Langkawi Gazette.

Years have passed and our website is bursting with so much information, you would need a couple of weeks to read all the reviews and stories I wrote over time. Frequently referenced by resort concierges, travel agencies & international media, and a great inspiration for more than 100,000 travelers annually - Langkawi Gazette is just what I envisioned all these years back. And to me personally much more than that!

After all, behind each story is a personal memory of mine. Whether an exquisite dining experience at an iconic resort or a culinary jamboree at the night market, a luxury sunset cruise or a day spent with a local fisherman on his boat, a wellness experience at an award-winning spa or and a healing ritual with a local Bomoh - the last six years were filled with unforgettable moments I wouldn’t miss for the world!